sobota, 04. avgust 2018

Personalized bookmarks

This year I'm making mostly personalized bookmarks for children birthdays.

Today celebrated my youngest niece 
We had a lovely gathering with warm summer weather. 

This is a bookmark for her. 

I'm facinated by this color combination of pale pink background and golden brown shades for details  
A week ago my sons have been invited to the friends party. I made a classic for her... Pink personalized Unicorn bookmark. 
She has a longer name. So I embroidered it. 

sreda, 25. julij 2018

Phlox or Hydrangea Flowers for Festive times

Gentle summer flowers for Festive times.
Hydrangea verses Phlox... Similar but different ... And both absolutely stunning. 

I'm preparing a collection for Weddings, Christenings, First Communion
Combination of Hair Accessories for Brides, Flower Girls...
And matching Wedding Favors.

White and Pastel Pink Phlox Flower Combinations

četrtek, 05. julij 2018

White and Grey Floral Ornaments for Wedding Favors

This is my first big order for Wedding Favors. #happydance
An Italian customer fell in love in my heart ornaments.
And she ordered these hearts to be a part of the small gifts for the guests in her Wedding.

Wedding is in December. So I have enough time to complete this order without rushing.

Wedding colors are light grey and beige.
Since the grey matches with white so beautifuly, more hearts will be in grey and less in light beige.
And of course the white with with hearts are a must have.

sreda, 04. julij 2018

Beautiful vivid and bright colors of wool felt for earrings

This time I won't show you any new creations.

It is a post about beautiful vivid and bright colors of wool felt.
And preparation of new Circle Dangle Earrings series. 

ponedeljek, 02. julij 2018

Voščilnica na temo arboretuma in dinozavrov

Po res dolgem času sem naredila nekaj z veseljem iz papirja.
Voščilnica za svaka na temo arboretuma, ki je morala biti nekako 3D, da bi prišla zgodba do izraza.
Zgodba je sicer preprosta...
Lepa narava, veliko cvetja in dinozavri.

In tako sem razpakirala nedavni nakup ( ki kot kaže le ni bil zgrešen ) Nellies šablone BCD001

ponedeljek, 21. maj 2018

Colorful Geometric Earrings / part 3

As you probably noticed I can't stop creating bold summer earrings.
In this post I will show you another set of earnings with contrast color combination but with new basic geometric shapes.

My colleagues have a sizzix lifestyle challenge with theme turquoise color   FB/ustvarjamosSizzixLifestyle/
So, this was the leading color also for this earrings collection.

torek, 15. maj 2018

Colorful Geometric Earrings / part 2

This is a part 2 of this years summer earrings.

Today I'll show you diamond shape lightweight wool felt earrings.
Colorful, bold, fun and really light.

Size of geometric shape is about 6 x 3.5 cm.